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The Chapel of St. Hubert

The Chapel of St. Hubert is situated on the red tourist trail between Lednice and Valtice, about 3 km northeast of Valtice, and it is open to the public. This neo-Gothic building was built in 1855, a construction work was carried out by the builder Poppelack. The triangular chapel was built of the sandstone blocks.

Saint Hubert, born as a nobleman in about 655 in Aquitaine, is the patron saint of the hunters and all who are involved in their catch - the butchers, the furriers, the tanners and others. He used to be a sinner confessing wine, singing, hunt, and especially women. According to the legend, St. Hubert had a revelation in the form of a deer with a golden cross between its antlers. The deer called on nobleman to abandon secular pleasures and turned to the God. And so it happened and Saint Hubert turned most of the population of Arden on faith. Later, he became a bishop of Maastricht and Liège. He often organized expeditions to the neighborhood to spread the Christianity. On the one of this trips he became ill with pneumonia and then he died.

The thanksgiving service for catches held in this chapel after the hunts.