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Chateau wine cellars Valtice

Valtice, the city of the wine-growing, is situated in the one of the most beautiful place of South Moravia, so close to the austrian border. The dominant of Valtice is the church  Nanebevzetí Panny Marie (the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) and the Baroque style castle with a chapel where the numerous concerts take place. The first written record of Valtice is from 1192 when the Bishop of Passau Wolker traded Valtice and its vineyards with Widdard from Seefeld. Valtice have been owned by several noble families untill 14th century when it became a ownership of Liechtenstein family. We know about the size and importance of the Valtice vineyard e.g. from the Liechtenstein polyptych from the year 1414.

The vastness of the vineyards requested the gradual construction of two unique wine cellars: the Chateau one, in 1430 with a capacity of about 650,000 liters of wine and the Cross one, in 1640, which is 120 meters long and 100 meters wide and it has a capacity of over one million liters. The wines of Valtice found its way to the noble and royal courts. It was supplied to Vienna, Silesia - Wroclaw, Prague and elsewhere. In the Prague's documents there is placed upon record that Prague bought 96 buckets (1 bucket = 56.5 liters) of excellent wine from Valtice on the 18th of January, 1617 A.D.