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The Chateau Lány is situated in the game preserve Soutok, near the Czech-Austrian border. Unfortunately, the interior of the chateau is not open to the public. You can find it about 7 km south of Břeclav in the forest cover of the intact bottomland forests at the confluence of the rivers Moravia and Thaya. In the forest there are a lot of paths, trails, canals, brooks and pools. You can see beautiful blooming meadows in the spring and also you can listen to the singing of rare birds. The whole fauna and flora of this piece of land is unique one.

The Liechtenstein family loved this land and they spent here a lot of time to hold the hunts. The celebrations took place at the Chateau Lány, which was built in the years 1810-1812 by the architect Joseph Hardmuth. The Chateau Lány is an Empire style one-storey rectangular building. And it is decorated by semi-circular pavilion with pillars.

This area is so unique and intactness because there was restricted area in the years 1948 - 1989 (due to the border zone of the western neighbor state – Austria). Currently  these forests are accessible to the public and a roe deer is breeded here.