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Obelisk (called the Slap - to be explained) is situated about 3 km north of Lednice, in the middle between Lednice and Přítulky. However the gate to the game preserve is situated near to the road which leads from Lednice to Podivín.

This building in the shape of a pyramid was built in memory of the peace agreement between France and Austria in 1797, it is 40 years older than the more famous Black Obelisk in Paris. It was built on the order of Alois Josef I. of Liechtenstein, whose brother Jan Josef I. participated the war on the side of Austria.

And the story about the slap? It is said for years that the wife of the prince gave him a slap. The reasons may be two. Either he was punished for an adultery, or for a drink away and losing the village in the cards. Or even both …

The sandstone blocks are assembled into twenty-three meters tall and slim pyramid. The top is decorated with a golden star.